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Welcome to Cirrus Flyg Boras, one of the most established companies in Scandinavia within the gliding niche. There are a variety of products that you can have a closer look at by pressing any of the links to the left or above. The company has specialised in helping buyers and sellers to come together and be able to carry out a purchase.


Cirrus Flyg Borås was established in 1982. During the years a large number of agentships have been presented by the company. The company has connections in many European countries a well as in the USA. Radios and all sorts of glider instruments are available to very good prices. The company has a good knowledge and experience in scandinavia-4helping people to sell and buy gliders. Ultralight- and experimental pilots have also found the possibility to get hold of suitable instruments and good advice.




Contact: Ingemar Sjöholm, Borås, Sweden, +46-707-324800,
Mail: ingemar.sjoholm@cirrusflyg.com