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LX 9000










The LX9000 is a high-end vario navigation system with extremely bright color 5.6” display, running well proven firmware with multilanguage interface. Simple and logical user interface is designed for toplevel competitors, club operation as well as for gliding beginners. Instrument is preloaded with worldwide terrain maps, airspace and airports databases. User friendly data exchange using SD card. Integrated FLARM collision avoidance system and integrated flight recorder with igc approval for all flights including world records. Complex tasks with assigned areas manipulation. Real-time flight optimization according to FAI and OLC rules.


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Zeus 5.5









  • Flight downloads and all data transfer via USB stick
  • 3 TP files can be active simultaneously
  • 4 x 485 system bus ports – NO NEED FOR SPLITTER
  • Custom design of graphic page layout (no PC tool needed – directly on the Zeus)
  • 2 GPS inputs to maximize gps security – in flight reliability
  • 3D terrain display
  • Every push button supports 2 functions delivered by either a short or long press
  • AHRS (artificial horizon) offered as an integral solution
  • USB D 60 Vario (color vario 57 mm, optionally 80 mm)
  • No need to remove the instrument for flight recorder calibration (remove only Colibri II for baro calibration)
  • Colibri II as a high level approved flight recorder, incorporated in the system*
  • Colibri II as a backup / emergency vario-nav system (in case of lack of battery power)
  • Simple conversion from landscape to portrait and vice versa
  • Plug and play connectors
  • Installation as landscape or portrait
  • Upgrade from LX 7000 and LX 7007 to Zeus  – more…
  • ICAO(eg UK CAA) charts available – simple installation via USB stick
  • Supports Rogersdata ICAO charts!

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